Site Is Closed For Maintenance

Hey, eager job seeker! Or if you are a hiring manager from Hong Kong, good morning!

Welcome to another episode of the "Site Is Closed For Maintenance"! Our tech staff tells us this one will be a "major upgrade" and as such will take an estimated two to four hours.

We know how hard it is when you're set on finding that new job and the site which has that one perfect job is down for maintenance, but cheer up! Take this time to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite TV show or see that movie you've been postponing since before summer.

Going forward we will be improving our "Site Is Closed For Maintenance" page, as well as our tech department capabilities to deploy without closing the site for maintenance. Until such joyous day we will continue to archive these pages for your future enjoyment.

So set your timer for two hours, and please do come back, we really, really like you for using our site. If after two hours you come back and our site is still closed for maintenance, we'll offer you 15% off OneWire Edge - For a Sample - 1 month package.

Hold on, breaking news just in. We received approval from our boss Skiddy. Since it is the end of summer and OneWire wants to make sure you do come back and find your dream job on our site, we are proud to present you, hard working individual, with a special offer instead.

For a limited time take 25% off our OneWire Edge - For the Active Job Seeker 3-month package using following promotion code:


So we strongly encourage you to write down the promotion code and the name of the product but please don't share it with your friends, you might single-handedly bankrupt us. Wait, Skiddy says share it to your heart's content, he is willing to take that risk.

Thanks again for visiting and we're looking forward to serving your future job needs shortly.


OneWire's Non-Tech Staff